Our Product

For the greater care of your pets’ nutrition

Alternative functional treats

High emphasis in sourcing our raw materials for high quality natural treats.

Dental Snack

Good for their teeth and their health

For Sensitive Pets

Fish and vegetable as the main ingredient


Help cats relax and engage in play!

For Picky Eater

Naturally delicious topping

Soft Snacks

Easy to chew with the incredible flavors

Training Treats

For bite-sized rewards during training

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For the good health of your lovely pets

We intensively produce the treats by focusing on the wellness first. As a result, our products are more than just snacks; they are functional treats that can benefit your pets.

We also have the wipes. We conduct research on how the wipes should be made and how they can be perfectly adapted to real use. This means that different types of wipes are available for you depending on your intended use.

We hope you enjoy choosing our products. 🙂